BET on the Web

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


B.E.T. better known as Black Entertainment Television was the only African American-controlled cable programming outlet available. A gateway for black-oriented programming on the vast cable landscape. BET is not a fairy-tale. A mass of well- groomed, articulate African Americans strive in making BET the “preeminent provider of black entertainment, information and images.” As we continuously to be attacked with negative images of African Americans, BET offers a glimpse of our society suddenly gone right. Across social platforms BET tries to create a positive image of black people. With the rise of the internet and social media BET has been able to reach more people without the television. For example, BET’s twitter page is constantly updating their followers with the highlights in the black community with articles about the Obamas, the 2016 Presidential Election, as well as musical artists and actors. One change I can see the brand doing is reaching out to all classes of blacks instead of the upper middle class and above because viewers are not going to see the information as relatable. However BET has always and will always be a part of black people culture and their branding will always put black people and poc first.

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